Robyn Ochs

Bisexual speaker, workshop leader, teacher, writer, and activist


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Information about my workshops and talks; and publicity materials.

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Descriptions of three of my courses.

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A list of selected published essays. Several of my articles are available online.

Recent rantings (letters to the editor)

* Bisexual Resource Guide
How you can help with this project: yes, you!
Call for writing.

* Interviews:
Robyn Ochs: Activist/Pioneer: Local leader to keynote second North American conference on bisexuality, by Ethan Jacobs in Bay Windows, 7/24/03

Bisexuals without Borders: featuring Robyn Ochs
"Bi Signs and Wonders" - article by Heidi Randen
"Robyn, first lady dell’attivismo Bi" by Alex D'Allasta (in Italian and in English) (Italy)
"Interview with Robyn Ochs" by Lizz Kopecny in Australia's Bi Community Online (Australia)
Bisexual Teens Set the Record Straight, Robyn was interviewed in Sex,Etc, a website by teens for teens, 4/28/02 (US) -- go to this site, then search for "Robyn Ochs" or for "bisexuality"
Bi Politic: The Boston Bisexual Resource Center: Interviews with Robyn Ochs, Marcia Deihl, and Wayne Bryant, a film by Bill Burleson Copyright BiCities! Productions, 2003

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